Web site policy


1.We observe a law of Japan and consider security and the relief of the visit to Japan traveler.


2.I use the personal information (the name, nationality, e-mail address, phone number) that I was able to know in reservation of the guest who visited the Web site, e-mail with the chisel in the range of our service.

This cannot be Outflow outside.


3.Our service observes a law in Japan and does not do an act to next.

◆Rip-off act.

◆Prostitution act

◆Mediation of the prostitution act

Employment and the employment of the minor younger than 18 years.


With "the prostitution" defined here.

I show the act that giving and receiving of the money is accompanied by by "the combination between each other's sexual organs" in the man and woman.

Supplement Therefore, the service that our site business-centered person provides is limited to "casual sexual intercourse" service.
The casual sexual intercourse service means an act not to include "the combination between the sexual organs" of the man and woman.



Our site company finishes the cause of the strict regulations of Osaka-shi, business application and applies for the name.

"Yanneko International Sec" is the English notation which I limited to a foreigner of "やんちゃな子猫 十三店" in consideration for the convenience of a foreigner visiting Japan.


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Japanese Shop Name 「やんちゃな子猫 十三店」

English version      Yanneko JUSO "International" Sec


Agreement characteristics of the shop name (Japanese and English.)
In "Osaka, "Yanchyanakoneko(やんちゃな子猫)" has already colonized as "Yanneko(やん猫)" brand in "the recognition" of consumers mainly".
Therefore, we understand that a name of "Yanneko JUSO" to use here does not have the non-rationality.
"International" is the common name that expressed an international market not a name.
"Sec." is a sector or a section and is the positioning of "the section".






The responsibility supervision


"Foreigners tourist service optimization Council" Secretariatgg


Contact Us and opinions related to supervision is,

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Responsibility related to the management of this site are the property of the "responsible supervision person".

This site is present as a "shop clause" on the business.
Thus, dispute cases over non-mentioned items and services is "disclaimer".
Supervision responsibility for "Responsibility Matters" is incidental to create and artifacts this entire site content.