"Ero-gance" Sexual Service shop

Yanneko JUSO International Sec.



■ It is recommended for the first time of your visit.
■ In this case, the fee is only "basic fee".
■ Premier fees and, nomination fee is not required.
"Caution". If you look at the panel photo might "nomination fee" occurs.
■ Please tell your the type of preference to shop staff.

Girls Premier

Fee & Price

■ Is fee is "Japanese" is also "foreigners" is also the same?

The difference in the part of the "event rate" exists.
However, the event fee is what has been arranged in the repeater for the "Japanese".
There is no difference between the fee to non-members as "Japanese", "foreigners".

Rather than "Japanese" of non-members, the event of the "foreigners" is undervalued.

■ "★" it is attached by a girl.
■ "★" one 1000 yen rates will occur.
■ standards as "self-reported", "large number of repeater".
However, newcomers may not given a "★" because there is no "reference".
■ Therefore, "★" because there is no service is bad. It does not become.

Girls Pic-up fee

■ you will be required at the time of use "Out call Service".
■ It is a "transfer fee" of the girl.
■ In Osaka city flat, you will need a 2000 yen.
■ events, such as, in the case of display as "all-in", will be included in the display price.