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"Dr.Bulls" Profile.

Age of= 40 years old

Nationality= England

address= United States

A blood type= "B"

A constellation= "Sagittarius"

A work= It is a travel writer

A family= One wife, child two

(twins 15 years old of the man)

Favorite food= Beef

hateful food= Pork

faith= God

A hobby= The movie, trip, art viewing,

a drama liking movie viewing,

other "24" "doctor houses" "sun of anarchy" enthusiasts.

A good point= "manIt is a ladies" 

A bad point= Spoony

A favorite person= Spoony

woman experience number of people= "the secret."

The country which wants to go to= "Netherlands"

Do you like women of what country?=

"Japan" "Russia" "Spain" "Italy" others

"Yanneko JUSO International Sec" homepage renewal memory event.

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