I will say with confidence. 

Japan is still Awesome!! 

 It is "COOL JPN"  contents here.

When you use the event fee.Please make a reservation always.

Sexual service shop in osaka, In call and Out call,Escort.
In the case of reservations by Chat or e-mail. 

We are Yanneko group in Osaka

Line  csc-osaka

Wechat  CSC-Tom

Telegram @InfoCSC

WhatsApp/Viber  +818047913141 

From 10am to 1am 

This site contains "adult" content.
If you are under 18 years of age please promptly away from this site.
Parents thank you for consideration of the "child".


The most history in Osaka "Sexual service shop."
It is our shop. It is "Yanneko group".
Services cast girls, are all amateur.
Age 20s mainstream from 18 years of age.

It will allow the best of stay.

With our customers and we have intended to 

share the "Casual Sex play".

We finished the report to the Japanese domestic 

supervision agency "Public Safety Committee", 

is a excellent sexual services shop that has 

acquired the permit.

For details, refer to the FAQ and enter.


"Casual Sex play" is refers to the all act that does not include the binding of the genitals of each other.

This is a place by the provisions of the laws of Japan (Law name Anti-Prostitution Act), it will be imposed the punishment.

Foreigners tourist service optimization Council,eradicate rip-off act,osaka,out call,sexual service

Eradicate the "rip-off act"

Foreigners tourist service optimization Council

Malicious Guide and "Barker" is, has been rampant.Shops with this mark is "safe shop".